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Uncle John's Great Big Bathroom Reader
by Bathroom Readers' Institute
Someone gave me a copy of this book as a gift. It sat in my bathroom for several months before I ever peeked inside. I've since found this book to be full of interesting, irreverant, funny, and sometimes amazing facts and figures. This is one of those books that you just open up to a random page and read a page or two about something interesting. Whoever writes this stuff obviously does a lot of research. For example, did you know that Henry Ford never ate granulated sugar, because he once saw it under a microscope and was amazed at how sharp the corners of the crystals were, and he was afraid it would cut his internal organs.

M.C. Escher : 29 Master Prints
by Maurits Cornelis Escher
I gave a copy of this book to my 13 year old son for Christmas last year. He sat there with the book for about an hour looking closely at each print, and reading the description. Even when there were still more presents to be opened, he was truly amazed by Escher's work. Although Escher doesn't get as much attention as some of the others, I think Escher is my favorite artist. No one has matched his attention to detail, or his mastery of optical illuision. Just looking through this book forces your mind to open.

Rise Up Singing : The Group Singing Songbook
by Peter Blood (Editor), Pete Seeger (Introduction)
I always say that music is the voice of God. If you play guitar, piano, or even just like to sing, you must get this book.

From ballads to the Beatles, Bob Dylan to Broadway, here are the words to the songs you've loved in the past--with many more from friends in the future. Arranged alphabetically within chapter groupings ("lullabies;" love songs;" etc.) this collection is great for campfires, school and church functions, or at home with the family. "A true treasure!"--Joan Baez.

More coming soon!

= Gary Beckwith's comments

= This book was suggested by a Friend of the Harmony Institute.

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