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The Essenes and the Dead Sea Scrolls
Discovered in 1947, the Dead Sea Scrolls were buried for nearly 2000 years, and were one of the most significant archeological discoveries of our time. It has been nearly 50 years since their discovery, but we are still only beginning to understand their significance. They reveal a new way to look at the origins of Judaism and Christianity. In particular, they offer very solid evidence on where Jesus spent his missing 12 years.
The Dead Sea Scrolls Uncovered : The First Complete Translation and Interpretation of 50 Key Documents Withheld for over 35 Years
by Robert H. Eisenman, Michael Wise
Eisenman and Wise have put together a phenomenal collection of some of the most significant missing scrolls. Each translation is accompanied by commentary and reproduction in the original Hebrew or Aramaic. Photographic plates of several of the actual scrolls are included.

The Dead Sea Scrolls Deception
by Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh (Contributor)
The oldest Biblical manuscripts in existence, the Dead Sea Scrolls were found in caves near Jerusalem in 1947, only to be kept a tightly held secret for nearly fifty more years, until the Huntington Library unleashed a storm of controversy in 1991 by releasing copies of the Scrolls. In this gripping investigation authors Baigent and Leigh set out to discover how a small coterie of orthodox biblical scholars gained control over the Scrolls, allowing access to no outsiders and issuing a strict "consensus" interpretation. The authors' questions begin in Israel, then lead them to the corridors of the Vatican and into the offices of the Inquisition. With the help of independent scholars, historical research, and careful analysis of available texts, the authors reveal what was at stake for these orthodox guardians: The Scrolls present startling insights into early Christianity -- insights that challenge the Church's version of the "facts." More than just a dramatic exposť of the intrigues surrounding these priceless documents, The Dead Sea Scrolls Deception presents nothing less than a new, highly significant perspective on Christianity.

The Way of the Essenes : Christ's Hidden Life Remembered
by Anne Meurois-Givaudan, Daniel Meurois-Givaudan, Daniel Meurois-Givausan (Contributor)

Teachings of the Essenes from Enoch to the Dead Sea Scrolls
by Edmond Bordeaux Szekely
The essence of Edmond Bordeaux Szekely's well-known books on the Essenes.

The Prophet of the Dead Sea Scrolls: The Essenes and the Early Christians
by Upton Clary Ewing
Who, in fact, were the ancient Essenes? What secret doctrines did they uphold? Why did they keep their practices hidden? How do these writings relate to Jesus and His teachings? This vital book explores the pre-Christian origins of New Testament writings and the little-known mysteries of the ancient Hebrew sect called the Essenes. It explains their SEVEN DEVOUT PRACTICES. New evidence is presented concerning the conviction and crucifixion of Jesus, revealing the falseness of traditional accusations against the Jews. The author shows you why and how "The Sect of the Scrolls", the Nazarenes, the Ebionites, and the Palestine Christians were one and the same people.

Lost Years of Jesus Revealed
by Rev. Charles F. Potter
For centuries Christian students of the Bible have wondered where Jesus was and what he did during the so-called "eighteen silent years" between the ages of twelve and thirty. The amazing and dramatic scrolls of the great Essene library found in cave after cave near the Dead Sea have given us the answer at last. That during those "lost years" Jesus was a student at this Essene school is becoming increasingly apparent. Scholars are gradually admitting the startling parallels between his doctrines and vocabulary and those of the Essenes and their "Teacher of Righteousness," who was evidently executed nearly a century before the birth of Jesus. It is to his title and authority that Jesus probably succeeded.

This book was written ahead of its time. We now know, from studying the Dead Sea Scrolls, that Jesus must have spent some of his "missing" years with the Essenes. But Potter wrote this book at a time when only a small portion of the Scrolls had been released. His intense research led to the same conclusions that scholars are now arriving at years later. Some have criticized this book because it takes on an accusatory tone, somewhat condeming the Catholic Church for systematically covering up the truth about Jesus. But the reader can choose to see through the accusations and see the book for what it is - an excellent look into the Jesus-Essene connection.

The Other Bible
by Willis Barnstone (Editor)
This is an excellent collection. It includes portions of the Dead Sea Scrolls, Nag Hammadi Library, book of Enoch, Jewish Apocrypha, and more. There are many scriptures that were excluded from the codification of the Bible for one reason or another. This collection gives you access to many of them in one book.

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