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Dreams and Dreamwork
We have much to learn from our dreams. They often send us a message about something we need to pay attention to in our waking life. The dream world is also a source of intrigue and fun. If you can learn to master the dream world, by learning how to have Lucid Dreams, you can really tap into a whole new realm of the Universe!
6 Easy Steps To Lucid Dreaming
by Gary Beckwith
This is a free 2-page instruction sheet, written by yours truly. Several years ago, I had no idea what a Lucid Dream was. I read a book about it and in only a few days I had my first Lucid Dream, and it was AMAZING! What really appealed to me was that it was a concrete thing that could be learned in a short period of time. Unlike some other spiritual disciplines that take years to learn, in only a few days you can be doing this for real. It's fun, interesting, and downright amazing. This sheet is certainly not a complete discussion on the topic but if you follow the instructions you will have a lucid dream. Read some of these other books for more information on the subject.
Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming
Stephen LaBerge
I picked up this book and I had no idea what "lucid dreaming" was. In no less than a week, I had discovered the incredible world of lucid dreaming. What really impressed me was that out of all the spiritual excercises and disciplines out there, this one is something you can learn and do in a short period of time, and you'll see the results for your own eyes. It really is incredible!

Become the Dream: The Transforming Power of Hypnotic Dreamwork
by Randal Churchill
Randal Churchill is Director of the Hypnotherapy Training Institute and originator of Hypnotic Dreamwork™. In this book he introduces a revolutionary combination of therapies that brings Gestalt dreamwork together with hypnosis.

More coming soon!

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