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Buddha was born a Hindu and brought new teachings to the religion, in a similar way that Jesus brought new teachings to Judaism. His main focus was on the specific intructions to end suffering. These instructions consisted mainly of compassion for all beings, and a the inner discipline of meditation.
Buddhism Plain and Simple
by Steve Hagen
A clear, straightforward treatise on Buddhism in general and on awareness in particular. Steve Hagan presents the Buddha's uncluttered, original teachings in everyday, accessible language unencumbered by religious ritual.

Buddhism : A Very Short Introduction
by Damien Keown
This accessible volume covers both the teachings of the Buddha and the integration of Buddhism into daily life. What are the distinctive features of Buddhism? What or who is the Buddha, and what are his teachings? How has Buddhist thought developed over the centuries, and how can contemporary dilemmas be faced from a Buddhist perspective? Words such as "karma" and "nirvana" have entered our vocabulary, but what do they really mean? Keown has taught Buddhism at an introductory level for many years, and in this book he provides a lively, challenging response to these frequently asked questions.

Buddha : A Very Short Introduction
by Michael Carrithers
This book has received excellent reviews.

The Teachings of the Compassionate Buddha
by Edwin A. Burtt (Editor)
With its origins in ancient India, Buddhism is a system of thought that has enriched the religious lives of billions--and in more recent times, swept through the Western world as well. Now anyone who wants to learn more about Buddhism can go directly to the source, with this collection of original documents--edited, with commentary, by a Cornell University professor of philosophy.

Buddhist Scriptures (Penguin Classics)
by Edward Conze (Editor)

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