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Nine flags on a string with words for peace in different languages (Russian, Hebrew, Sanscrit, Latin, etc) in a rainbow spectrum, symbolizing unity in diversity. Flags sewn on a string, hand batiked rayon. Rainbow Peace Flag String: $30.00
9 flags on a string with symbols of more major religions, including Goddess, Native American, Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist, Jewish, Christian, Islamic, Sufi. Flags sewn on a string, hand batiked rayon. Universal Spirit Flag String: $30.00
A mandala of symbols of 16 of the world's spiritual traditions, designed for honoring all paths to truth. Includes Jewish Star of David, Buddhist Prayer Wheel, Native American Medicine Wheel, Christian Cross, Hindu Om, Great Goddess, Taoist Ying Yang, Islamic moon and star, Winged Sufi Heart, Sikh symbol, Baha'i star, African Goddess, Zoroastrian Flame, Confucian circle and dot, Wiccan pentacle, and Egyptian Ankh. 3' x 3' Universal Worship Lotus Banner: $32.00
Words and images for peace...DOVE OF PEACE, ARABIC AS-SALAAM, LATIN PAX, HEBREW SHALOM, JAPANESE PEACE CRANE, RUSSIAN MIR, CHINESE HUH PING, SANSCRIT SHANTI. Words for peace in several languages surround the whole earth, in rainbow colored hearts. A symbol for unity in diversity, and peace for our planet. Fly this one proudly! Loop for a string or dowel is at the top border. Rayon Batik. 2.5' square. Peaceful Hearts Banner: $32.00
Peace Patch: $6.95

3' x 5' Earth Flag. This flag has grommets and is designed for outdoor use
Eath Flag (full size): $34.00