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Midwest Book Review

The story behind this book is that there are "a few simple and basic core ideas, which are central to all the religions, modern science, and many philosopher's thoughts." Beckwith has taken that theory and stated it - with many, many examples to back up this theory - in plain, simple language, that anyone can read and understand.

Citing the Bible, the Koran, Buddhist texts, Native American religious leaders, and the Bhagavad-Gita (Hinduism), among many other smaller or less well-known religions, Beckwith answers the question of "Who is God?", "What is God's name?", "Where is God?",. Also discussed are what the religions tell us about the soul, where the soul goes upon death of the body, and goals for followers of all religions.

Science is also contemplated, with the "discovery" that humans truly do have a soul, and what modern physicis has to say about religion

This book is a brilliant discussion of the parallels of religions, focusing on their core "message," that there is a God, and that God is everywhere, no matter what path we take to reach him. If this book were required reading among religious leaders around the world, perhaps the wars fought over religious beliefs would end forever.

Body Mind Spirit Magazine
December 2001 Issue

Since the beginning of human-time, man has fought over religious issues. Who's God is the "real" God? Which doctrine is the correct and true word of God? Rather than uniting man under a single god, religious ideology has pitted man against man -- each believing that "his" god is the one and only "True God."

Gary L. Beckwith's book, "The Message That Comes From Everywhere" sets out to obliterate this disparity. Rather than focusing on the differences between beliefs, Beckwith illustrates the similarities that each religion shares.

Using passages from the Bible, the Koran and a litany of other religious sources, Beckwith brilliantly illuminates parallels shared by the world's religions.

On completing a careful reading of Beckwith's illuminating text, one cannot be anything but convinced that there is only one God, though known by any number of names: That this one god shares characteristics of both male and female genders; That in all religions, the soul is immortal; And that in all religions, god is inside of us, all around us, and a part of each and every living thing.

Beckwith has done a brilliant job of writing an enlightening book that is sure to give pause to all its readers. This is truly an illuminating work!

The National Jewish Post and Opinion
Oct 3, 2001
Review by Rabbi Samuel M. Silver