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The Message that Comes from Everywhere:
Exploring the Common Core of the World's Religions
and Modern Science

by Gary Beckwith




Part One        The Message of the Past:
The Common Core of the Ancient Religions

1. Getting Started

   The Story of the Blind Men and the Elephant
   What is Religion?
   The World’s Religions
   The Common Core Ideas and the Message Behind Them

2. How the Religions Describe God

   One God
   God’s Name
   God is Everywhere
   God is Love
   God is Male and Female
   God is Light

3. What Religions Tell Us About the Soul

   The Existence of the Immortal Soul
   God Inside Us

4. Spiritual Knowledge -- A Goal for Followers of All Religions

   Truth is Accessible to Us
   The Middle Way

5. Other Similarities and Issues

   Unity in the West
   Unity in the East
   Moral Codes
   Everything is Sacred
   The Only Way, the Only Saviour, and the Only God
   The Breath and the Soul
   Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide
   Detach From Possessions
   Have No Fear
   Available To Anyone
   Love Everyone
   A World of Illusion
   Buddha and God
   Rejection of Native Religion
   Unity - Not a New Idea

Summary of Part 1

Part Two        The Message of Today:
Modern Science and Society Echo the Whispers
of the Ancient Religions

6. Science and Religion

   Modern Physics and Religion
      Review of Religion’s Concept of Reality and Illusion
      Modern Physics’ Concept of Reality and Illusion
      Modern Physics Confirms the Existence of God
   Psychology and Religion
      Coincidence or Psychic Ability?
      The Conscious and Subconscious Minds
      The Incredible Story of Edgar Cayce
      Psychology and Healing
      The Inner Child
   Scientific Evidence of the Soul
   The Search for Truth is One

7. The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Nag Hammadi Library

   Brief Bible History
   The Essenes and the Dead Sea Scrolls
   The Gnostics and the Nag Hammadi Library
   The Councils of Nicaea and Constantinople
   The Essene-Gnostic Connection

8. The Message In Our Everyday Lives
   Teachings You Can Find Just About Anywhere
      We Are All One
      God Within, Christ Within
      The Power of Visualization and Affirmation
      We Are Eternal
      Live in the Moment
      Follow Your Heart
      Nothing to Fear
      Look Within
   The Worldwide Spiritual Awakening
      New Age Books
      The Environmental Movement
      Interfaith Dialog
      New Religious Movements

9. The School of Life

   Why Are We Here?
   knowing and Knowing
      Going to "Church"
      Workshops and Seminars
      Choosing Guidance
   Some Universal Teachings

10. Conclusions

A Prayer for Any Day and Every Day

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