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Free Download of Chapter 6!

As part of the effort to make this book as widely available as possible, we are now offering a free PDF copy of Chapter 6! Many people have commented that this is their favorite chapter, as it focuses on the connections between the ancient religious teachings and new discoveries in modern science. The table of contents for Chapter 6:

Chapter 6: Science and Religion

  • Modern Physics and Religion
    • Review of Religion's Concept of Reality and Illusion
    • Modern Physics' Concept of Reality and Illusion
    • Modern Physics Confirms the Existence of God
  • Psychology and Religion
    • Coincidence or Psychic Ability?
    • The Conscious and Subconscious Minds
    • Hypnosis
    • The Incredible Story of Edgar Cayce
    • Psychology and Healing
    • The Inner Child
  • Scientific Evidence of the Soul
  • The Search for Truth is One

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